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Not So Long Ago: M and TJ

The Georgetown Metropolitan

This week on Not So Long Ago, GM stops by M and Thomas Jefferson Streets. Today on the north side of the street there is Sephora, a cosmetics store, Kate Spade, a handbag and apparel store, and Blue Mercury, another cosmetics store. These are square in the middle of the young-women-shopping market that has steadily grown in Georgetown over the years.

But 18 years ago the scene was different. Where Sephora now stands once stood Georgetown Seafood Grill. It was a laid back seafood restaurant owned by Capital Restaurant Concepts, the name behind other similarly laid back restaurants J.Pauls and Old Glory, among others. In 1997, four years after this photo was taken, Anthony Lanier and EastBanc bought out the building. After renovations, Sephora moved in.

There was another restaurant down on 19th and M called Georgetown Seafood and Grill, which renamed itself “Fin”. GM doesn’t know if there…

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